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A Close Corporation or CC is the simplest, easiest and most practical form of ownership that is a popular choice for many business owners and entreprenuers.

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A Close Corporation or a CC is a form of business ownership that combines the advantages of a sole proprietor and a partnership with the advantages of a company.

CC is a type of ownership that is suitable for small to medium sized enterprises. If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive form of ownership that has a legal presents then a CC is the right option for you.

All Close Corporations are monitored by the Registrar of Close Corporations and they will have to obey the rules and regulations outlined in the Close Corporation Act.

Please feel free to browse this website to learn more about setting up and registering a Close Corporation or CC.

Popular Close Corporation (CC) Articles

Business Insurance for Close Corporations

Just like most businesses, Close Corporations also require business insurance to cover certain aspects of the business such as the income, liability, land and buildings etc. This article will discuss the Business Insurance Policy and why insurance is needed for any business.

Naming a Close Corporation (CC)

One of the first requirements to registering a Close Corporation (CC) is to decide on a name for your business. This article will provide you with useful tips and advice that need to be 
considered when thinking about a name for your business.

Advantages of a Close Corporation (CC)

As with all forms of ownership, there are advantages and disadvantages. A Close Corporation has advantages and disadvantages, it is important that both the advantages of a CC and the disadvantages of a CC are considered before making a decision.

Members of a Close Corporation (CC)

The owners of a Close Corporation (CC) are called members. A Close Corporation may have a minimum of one member and a maximum of ten members. Knowing how to set up a CC is important, but knowing about the owners and their equity in the business is also important.

Forms Of Business Ownership

Deciding to run a Close Corporation is not the only choice available. This article tabulates the differences and compares the other forms of ownership. Besides a Close Corporation their are other forms of business ownership such as a Sole Trader, Partnership, and a Private Company or  Public Company. Each form of ownership has their own advantages and disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration.

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